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Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1: Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1

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Sunday, July 8th 2012

8:22 PM

Preteen hymen bikini


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From: Michael Smith
Subject: A Cigarette on the BeachA Cigarette on the Beach
By: Michael SmithAuthor's Note: Please drop me a line to tell
me what you think.
A soft, white towel wraps around soft, white flesh. Warm
and moist from the shower. The boy heads out onto the beach and
lies backwards on a lounge chair, a cigarette in his hand. He
lights it slowly. It is still warm in the melting evening sun.
The legs of his chair are in the water and drops of the salty
ocean spray onto his skin as the tide makes its way inwards.A whisper of white smoke comes out of the boy's mouth. He
is twelve years old. His body is still innocent. He has not
yet been touched by anything except cigarettes. A habit he has
picked up from his older brother that he indulges in only when
he is here on the beach.An older boy lies down on the empty beach chair beside him.
An ashtray is placed on the boy's stomach and another cigarette
is lit. They look like each other. These two boys with curly
blonde hair and smooth, skinny bodies. The older one is
seventeen. Finally able to drive and so be alone at the family
cottage with his younger brother.They have both preteen lesbain
just come from hot baths and so their skin
is red. They are warm. They are covered only from the waist
down with white towels. An ashtray blocks part of the boy's
stomach. The boys sit in silence to smoke. There is no need
for the preteen nude torrents ashtray but the older brother wants to reach over, wants
his arm to extend over the boy.The cigarettes finish and the older boy gets sand on his
towel when he kneels on the wet beach beside his younger
brother's preteen boob chair. The ashtray is lifted off and he brings his
lips close to his younger brother's. shoking preteen A soft kiss. Both boys
close their eyes."You're old enough now," says the older brother, "to
discover the pleasures of your body." The younger boy remains
silent. He remains still too while his towel is removed,
exposing his penis. His legs are spread out so that his knees
fall around the sides of the chair and his feet are in the
wetness of sand.He feels one of his nipples in between his brother's teeth.
The other one is rubbed by his brother's hand. He has never
touched himself like this, never felt these this part of his
body become hard in this way. It is not the same as when his
nipples harden in the cold of the morning, when he strips to go
into the shower.Another kiss, this one not just a touching of the lips. He
feels his lower lip being embraced my his brother's entire
mouth. He closes his eyes. The boys' tongues meet. And then
their tongues embrace too. And then it bd nude preteens is the boy's turn to
take his older brother's lips into his own mouth. To taste them
and to feel the pleasure of another tongue playing with his.Before the kiss ends the boy's foreskin is pulled down,
exposing the sensitive tip of his penis to the ocean sex black preteen
air. He
becomes hard quickly. This is a sensation he is familiar with,
something he has, in the past, done to himself, but still it is
a strange feeling because he has never had somebody else do this
to him. Let alone somebody he loves and trusts. Somebody like
his older brother, who he has just so willingly given his body
to.After the kiss ends he feels warmth in between his legs.
The tongue that moments ago was inside his mouth now teases his
stiff penis. The same hand that made him hard holds the
foreskin away so that there is nothing in between the tongue and
the sensitive skin. The boy can feel the touch throughout his
body. He can feel heat in every part of himself, especially
this thing between his legs that he has always enjoyed playing
with but never knew that it could feel this way.The explosion make his hips move off the chair. He horny girls preteen feels
his feet pressing harder into the sand and he opens his eyes.
He sees that his brother is naked too, and with this second hand
the older boy is making himself feel the same thing top young preteen at the same
time. But not exactly the same thing, because the older boy is
doing it for himself whereas the younger one has someone doing
it for him. Someone he loves. And the explosion feels
different for two reasons:1. Someone else is making it happen.2. He can feel something wet coming out.The younger boy comes for the first time. Not just a dry
orgasm. Is this what his older brother meant when he told him
that he is now old enough? He sees something coming out of his
brother's penis as well and he imagines that it is the same
stuff he is currently putting into his brother's mouth. And
then the rhythm stops and there is now nothing touching him. It
is over.The older boy throw's a white towel around the younger one.
Then puts one around himself. He lies back down on his beach
chair. Two more cigarettes are lit."What did you think?""That preteen pedo rape
was amazing."The end.
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Saturday, July 7th 2012

12:00 AM

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